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Navillera Season 1 Episode 1

Shim Deok Chul, in his late 70s, is a retired office worker, who spent his days doing mundane things. After attending the funeral of his friend and colleague, he makes his usual visit to one of his old friends in a hospice facility. On his way to the facility, he passed by a dancing studio and witness a 23 years old young man Lee Chae Rok, doing Ballet. He secretly watches from a window but when caught upon he runs away. Embroiled deeply by how he felt after seeing the dance, he and his friend talk about their unfulfilled dreams and things they were not able to do. Currently suffering from a slump and seemingly disturbed Chae Rok, he faces difficulty to practice for an upcoming national dance competition. When asked by his teacher Ki Seung Joo for the reason, he shrugs off and continues to practice. While celebrating his birthday, Deok Chu dines with his family. His kids, the oldest son ends up arguing with his sister and younger brother for their incompetencies. Dinning with them is also his granddaughter, Shim Eun Ho who recently got a job as a trainee in a restaurant. While struggling at a dance and his part-time job as a waiter, Chae Rok visits his mother’s columbarium and is constantly the attention of people who knows him, as his dad being in prison for an undisclosed reason and is going to be released soon. Unaffected by people he bears a cold personality and distant himself from people. Visit by an old friend and football team captain, Yang Ho Beom, an escalated tension is revealed, that Chae Rok was once a skilled football player and his imprisoned father was a team coach. Ho Beom seemed to have a grudge against him and despite Ho Beom being disrespectful to Chae Rok, he doesn’t reply back. Deok Chul attends ballet dance performance and remembers his past dream of becoming a ballet dancer, but was unable to do so because of his father’s restrictions. Constantly in conflict with his current feelings, he decides to give up on his newfound desire. Deok Chul’s friend in the hospice facility commits suicide by leaving a thank you note advising him not to give up on his dreams. Encouraged by his friend’s letter, Deok Chul visits the dance studio and watches Chae Rok dancing, upon confronted by Chae Rok, he hesitantly replied that he wants to learn ballet. After having a meeting with Chae Rok’s teacher, Ki Seung Joo who refused to teach him, Deok Chul is determined to learn and visit daily to watch Chae Rok dance. Frustrated by his visits, Chae Rok, grows bitter, while Seung Joo has a profound talk with Deok Chul on why he is so eager to learn ballet, to which Deok Chul replied, “all my Iife I lived to make ends meet to support my family and I haven’t been able to do anything I really wanted.” A group of freshly graduated trainees arrives at a hotel where Chae Rok works as a part-time employee, and among them is a Deok Chul granddaughter Shim Eun. Chae Rok becomes a topic of gossip again because of his past when trainees talk about his past and his dear friend Kim Se Jong who works with him defends him. Arriving at a dance studio, seeing Deok Chul again, Chae Rok is irritated. When he asked his teacher, whether he is going to teach him a ballet or not, Seung Joo replied, “no, you are going to teach him,” to which Chae Rok is horrified at this revelation. (Source: Nauriya at MydramaList)

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Serie: Navillera

Air Date: 2021-03-30