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Navillera Season 1 Episode 2

The enraged Chae Ruk refuses to teach ballet to Deok Chul after a heated argument with Seung Joo, who threatens Chae Ruk to leave if he doesn’t want to teach Deok Chul. He also appoints Deok Chul his manager. Unable to fight back, he asks Deok Chul to master the technique of “sus-sous” in a week and if he succeeds, he will be his teacher. Determined to have Chae Rul’s acceptance, he starts training secretly at home. Deok Chul’s eldest son, Shim Seong San, becomes anxious on hearing that his wife, Kim Ae Ran, will start working at his office and visit their parents’ home, where his father tells him to let Ae Ran work. Gloomy Chae Ruk misses his father, who has traveled back to his hometown to accept a lesser position at a school, arranged by his old fellow. Chae Ruk visits Seung Joo’s ex-wife, Eun So Ri, and complains. So Ri tells him that Seung Joo is worried about him and only wants him to succeed. Deok Chul visits his youngest son, sent by his wife to check on him and to persuade him to return to being a doctor. Deok Chul, tells his son to talk to his mother that he is happy and content so that she can let him be. After a week, Deok Chul succeeds in balancing on “sus-sosu” for one minute and is shown how determined he is when in past he worked at a postman and learned the addresses of all the town in a week, after working tirelessly. Chae Ruk who was not hoping Deok Chul would pass the test agrees to teach him a ballet. Deok Chul graciously accepts Chae Ruk as his teacher and bows to him in public, gathering people immediate attention. Deok Chul visits his friend’s grave and tells him he has started to learn ballet and shops for ballet clothes. Chae Ruk starts Deok Chul training while Seung Joo watched them secretly. Deok Chul starts keeping tabs on Chae Ruk as his manager and follows him. At a restaurant, Shim Eun Ho is confronted by a rude customer, who is known to be a regular and troublemaker for workers. Chae Ruk appears and threatens the customer to report to the police and ask him to leave. Later, he argues with Eun Hu for keeping quiet during the whole fiasco. Chae Ruk and Deok Chul continue to train together. Chae Ruk had to make a delivery service when one of his old part-time managers called him for a favor. Chae Ruk bumped into Yang Ho Beom who again belittles him. Deok Chul gets to know Chae Ruk’s part-time gig and stops Chae Ruk to do the deliveries and instead offers to do it himself. Chae Ruk gets the order from Ho Beom, and chooses to deliver himself. Chae Ruk asks Ho Beom to pay for the food but he refuses to pay and gets into a fight with him, just when Deok Chul appears in the middle of their heat-up moment. (Source: Nauriya at MydramaList)

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Serie: Navillera

Air Date: 2021-03-30